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IPACA LLC GENERIC CONTRACT  (for Interpreter in Arabic, Armenian, and Turkish)

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It deeply saddens me when I see people running around to something they have been paying for, for years. And well not only paying but promised to utilize it when the right time strikes. However, the situation is quite opposite of what someone could hope for…

When the time comes that a person is seriously in need of his health insurance, his due paperwork and the technicalities involved, daunt him. I am not against the technical formalities as they ensure a discipline that such work demands, but they should not be so complicated that the person using them for his/her benefits just simply with draws.

Thus, instead of fighting the authorities to adjust the rules and to provide solution for such scenarios, we came up with our very own solution that helps people claim their benefit that they are genuinely deserving of in the times of need. And that is Ipaca.

Ipaca is an acronym for Intermountain Patient Advocate and Claim Adjustment. The company was founded after years of experience we had of seeing patients that got intimidated, confused or just plain frustrated of having their already worse situation get more complicated. Our primary sources have confirmed to us that people continue to pay all of their lives to ensure a backup plan for their health and lifestyle, yet when the time comes for utilizing those benefits people simply give away. They get discouraged with the complexities and the technicalities of involving in paper works and insurance.

So this company was given birth with a small, pure thought in mind that our first priority will be our patients. This company was created to help, encourage and support people to ensure a healthy life and to be able to utilize that eligibility. Our company makes sure that you don’t have to run around in circles between your doctor, employer and the insurance company. The only thing you need to focus on is your health. Don’t worry about any other errands you need to run to avail your health benefits because our advocates will come to you.

Experienced Patient Account Representative with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry.


  For a minimal fee I assist clients with long, short term benefits. Verify and submit FMLA claims to employer. Work as a liaison between employers, insurance and physicians. I also assist with unpaid claims.